Preparing for Winter

It gets really cold during the Winter season and keeping warm is non-negotiable. It's really simple for us as adults to put on a jersey or an extra jacket when we feel cold but it's a total different story when it comes to our tiny humans. Ari does not like dressing up at all. In fact, I think if we would let her she would stay in nappies only. Don't get me started on getting her to wear socks let alone shoes, keeping her warm is an absolute challenge.

When she sleeps she wants to be free to toss and turn and throw her arms and legs all over the place so covering her with a blanket works until she wriggles herself out of it. Last year was a challenge but she was still a baby and a bit obedient, she is turning two soon and is starting to fight back. She can take off her shoes and hide them so I need to tighten up the reins this year…the terrible two’s are not giving me a break!

The Winter season here is tremendously cold with a little scatter of snow in some parts of the province. We are also inland and close to Lesotho which is famously known for its Ski Resort Afriski. So keeping warm this season is what I plan to do, I have put together a list of clothes that will help with your toddler or childs winter wardrobe;

  1. Cotton Vests, these are great to wear underneath as they keep in the heat of the body. One for each day of the week till laundry day would be ideal. I got a pack of seven which was great.
  2. Socks, try getting a pack of socks. Ari’s feet sweat so she can't repeat a pair, the pack helps to have a pair for each day of the week till laundry day.
  3. Jersey, two of these is enough.
  4. Turtlenecks, these come in handy with a jacket and over a vest so I would say they are pretty important to have. Try to get a softer fabric because the wool type tends to irritate them a lot. Maybe get three of these.
  5. Fleece Pullover, three of these is good and they can be paired with fleece joggers.
  6. Fleece joggers, you want a healthy amount of these to pair with a jersey, turtleneck or a pullover. You get five of them, this will work for just till you need to do laundry.
  7. Fleece hoodies, I love these so much because when paired with the joggers they make a tracksuit, sometimes stores don't the sell a set (full tracksuit) so this helps make a perfect set. I love that there is a hoodie to cover the head, three of these is great.
  8. Jacket, two of these can work and maybe they can be repeated throughout the week. Not much sweat will be on them because they are mainly thrown over a jersey. I love the puffer jacket range it keeps them really warm.
  9. Stockings, these need to be a thick and warm. I got two cotton pairs, which can go well under tights or leggings.
  10. Boots/Ugg Boots, either one of these is okay, you don't need both pairs. 
  11. Closed shoes, maybe a sneaker and one pair is perfect. (You can get more if you don’t have any other pairs).
  12. Sleepers, I went for a pair with a thick sole. Ari walks around the house which is tiled so I need to be sure she is not getting cold. 
  13. Beanie, I think one is enough unless you want to get an extra one. I got a set that comes with a scarf and gloves.
  14. Fleece dress/Corduroy dress, I absolutely love these on toddlers. The dress goes well with stockings and boots with a turtleneck and vest underneath. 
  15. Pyjamas, two pairs of these is good. You can get cotton pyjamas but I was happy with the fleece ones.
  16. Onesie, I have three of these because Ari refuses to be covered when she sleeps and when she has a onesie on I am a bit at ease. 
  17. Gown, you can have one and this will do just fine.
  18. Corduroy pants, I grew up owning maybe five different types of these pants. I must say though they make them look really cute now with little decorations, it’s a nice addition to have and can be easily paired with a jacket or jersey.
  19. Poncho, one is absolutely fine and this goes so well with a turtleneck stockings/leggings and boots.
  20. Fuzzy socks, love these socks because they are just so cosy. I like to put Ari in these at night when she sleeps to keep her feet warm or when she is just playing around on the mat.
  21. Winter earmuffs, these are just an optional addition. If you don't want to put your child in a beanie then this helps keep their ears warm. 

This is just a framework of the things you might need, some you can do without. I find it helps to have an idea of what you need before you go into the store. I still have some clothes from the previous year so I add them to the winter wardrobe but for many kids the clothes get really tiny or tight. Keep what you can!

PS. I would really love to hear your winter ideas to keep the little bubs warm, please share with me below...

Love Ari's Momie...