Your Best Is Good Enough

Reflecting on when Ari was about fourteen months, way before we knew there would be COVID-19.

Being a working mom is no child’s play, you wake up to go to work and then you come home and start your other ‘work’ which has no knock off time. You rest when they tire themselves out, there is just no break! These tiny people are exhausting from new-born to toddler it makes no difference, frankly I am still not sure which stage is better.

Ari would cry, no she would let out a wail for a good five minutes - and that is longer than my eardrums can handle. So I give her what she is crying for, yes judge me, but what other option do I have? When you have a long day at work all you want to do when you get home is to sit, do nothing but stare at the TV or just lie down.

Kids find what you like and demand it if you don’t give in they cry for dear life they are such bullies right! Ari loves the remote control so Mommy gives it to her, with almost no effort but I have a trick. I recently discovered that if I take one battery out of the remote control, then it won’t work when she presses the buttons, she plays with the remote and I watch TV in peace - everyone is Happy… go on call me genius already!

Apart from being a bully, Ari is also a treasure hunter. She finds everything I hide; she just conveniently finds all the things Mommy hides from her. She found the tub of Vaseline which I try by all means to keep out of her reach. I am failing at my quest to keep certain things away from her because she found the tub and was digging like she would find treasures at the bottom of it. She managed to smear it all over her face, clothes and hair. I guess in her defence she was trying to emulate Mommy when she moisturizes her! Isn’t she just the smartest! And what does mommy do? she pulls out her phone and takes a video.

She will be two years soon and she still does try her luck with the Vaseline, but she will be cute and tiny once right? So I will capture and hang on to these precious memories. Besides I am a first time Mommy everything she does is a picture-perfect moment. I just can’t have enough of her.

The best you are doing as a Mom is enough! It can get tricky with these little monsters but they are just trying to explore and learn as best as they can. So Mommy RELAX!!!, give yourself a break because what you are doing is enough. Sometimes or maybe more than you think you deserve, you will want to sit on your own and just reflect, perfectly normal if you ask me, baby wants a happy Mommy after all!

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Hang in there from this exhausted Mom to you

Love Ari’s Momie...