My toddler’s talking milestone

Ari says the cutest things

Sometimes kids say things without understanding, or they repeat words they hear. So I was not aware that she had a very good understanding of words to the extent of using them. While on her naughty escapades, she got herself stuck between the bed and the wall while trying to reach for her toy and she just screamed; “help Papa help” with the cutest voice ever. I was shocked, amused and proud that she understood the urgency of the word and what it meant in its entirety.

'No Mommy', remains her best words

She says no for almost everything you tell her to do and for some time I told Hubby that I was worried she didn’t understand that we have “yes” as much as we have “no”. So I gave her two options of cereal and she made her choice by saying no, to box she didn't want automatically making the other option a yes. We are still working the word "yes".

Using proper words when speaking to her

She finds it difficult to say other words and will say them in her baby-talking way. I must admit it sounds very cute when she says them, like “mamama for banana”, “dus for juice”, “aney for Barney” and a very long list of other words. And sometimes she finds something exciting that she wants to share and will come with a long speech of baby talk which neither hubby nor I can understand – but we pick up on the thrill and excitement. I get tempted to “baby talk” with her but I want her to know the right way of saying words so I opt for speaking properly.

Watching TV

She has a new found love for cartoons, I guess because she is starting to be aware of certain things now, which means we don’t have a chance to watch anything on TV because she hogs the TV till she falls asleep. To show that she has an understanding of what is happening she even laughs while watching. Some of the shows they play are not necessarily for her age group so we monitor her closely. Her favourite shows currently are; Peppa Pig, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Fancy Nancy Clancy these are the most-watched but Peppa Pig is her very best. 

Monkey see monkey do…

It is important to be careful of who you bring around them and the environments you expose them to when they reach this talking milestone because they absorb everything they see and hear and they choose the most inappropriate time to repeat what they have learnt. She was sitting in a corner being naughty and hubby told her to stop what she was doing, she lifted her head, put her hand out and said, “wait Papa wait” it was such a perfect response at the perfect time delivered excellently as well. I made a mental note to add that to the list of words she can say.

Developing her speech

I engage her in conversation, whenever we are together or while playing. Or send her on little errands around the house she follows my commands and loves being helpful. When she tries to tell me something I respond to her and I always try to match her excitement. She loves it when I teach her words will constantly repeat them back to me to show that she remembers. I love reciting nursery rhymes with her and she loves this even though she gets confused with the wording at times but the melody is always there. Reading to them is also a great way to improve and motivate talking. For more ideas on how to encourage your child to talk, have a read at this article from Motherly which gives simple steps to follow. And if you are keen on knowing how your baby’s speech develops, then you will enjoy this article from MamaMagic Milestones Magazine.

In a nutshell, I am enjoying watching her learn all these words and then use them to express herself it's a beautiful thing to watch. I can't wait until we have our 'mommy-daughter' conversations.

Love Ari's Momie