My not so little toddler is a big girl now

Watching my daughter grow has been such a lovely gift. When she turned one-year I was such a proud mommy, I couldn’t believe that we did it. Hubby and I were so clueless when she was born but all that eventually faded away with time. 

Then she turned two years. I can say without a doubt that the terrible twos along with their gut-wrenching unexpected tantrums are real! 

Watching my daughter learn new things is a delight

I think of all the milestones a child has the one I have been looking forward to was and is the talking stage. I want to know what goes on in that busy little curious mind of hers. Ari has been a bit stubborn about talking, she says what she wants to say and once in a while shocks us with a fully constructed sentence.

Going to crèche has been one of those good decisions hubby and I made. She has this light that sparkles in her eyes when she is reciting a nursery rhyme for us, or when she counts her toys. It’s such a beautiful sight. She loves learning new things and I can imagine that being around other little people like her makes her happy.

Every day she learns something new and is always exciting to share with us or practise on us. She came back from the crèche pointed at the sofa and said, “sit down Papa”. She was so confident and bold, understood exactly what she was saying, and waiting for Papa to obey her request. It’s a delight to watch her learn.

I love how much my daughter still needs me 

I hear other moms talk about how they miss those days when their kids liked them. This makes me nervous because I love the attention my little girl gives me. It’s nice to be needed but when a tiny little human needs you, that’s a special feeling altogether.

I love how she wants me to kiss it better when she hurts or how my hugs make her feel safe and reassured. They soothe her when she is sad and that makes me smile so much. I love how she is always happy to be piggybacked, she enjoys being on mommy’s back. And when she is sick my arms are just the place she wants to be in.

It will all end, she will find her independence and stand on her own. She won’t need her mommy as much as she does now, and maybe my kisses won’t be as magical too, but for now, I will enjoy every moment of being her special person. I will treasure the countless times she calls out for mommy in a day, (calling mommy even when she doesn’t need anything).

My toddler is unapologetic with what she wants and how she wants it

Every day I watch Ari grow into her character. I have always wondered if she would be like me or my hubby. I couldn’t have been more wrong in my assumptions; this girl is nothing like us. She is unapologetic about her feelings. 

Assertive, a little bit of a bully (or is that the toddler in her), spirited, and full of character. She is bouncy, happy, and ever ready to express how much she loves her Papa. Never shy to tell you exactly what she wants and how she wants it. If she says she wants to watch “Super Why” and I put on “Peppa Pig” she will repeat (or scream; it’s open to interpretation), me what she wants until I change the channel. And she never settles at all!

At her crèche the sanitiser at the gate got finished just as the person before them (Papa and Ari entered. Of course, Ari did not understand that she would have to wait for them to refill the canister. She tried spraying and when she saw nothing was coming out she started screaming and crying, then she threw herself on the floor making a spectacle of herself and my poor hubby (pleading beside a hysterical Ari for the teachers to bring the sanitiser).

She would not enter without spraying her tiny little hands and that was that. A plan was made and she got what she wanted and everyone was happy. I will add that hubby was more than relieved to return to the quiet of the car. I hope she carries this aspect of her character to adulthood, no settling, being unapologetic with her wants/needs, and being committed to the notion till she gets results.

The terrible two’s might be coming to an end but what lies ahead makes me nervous

Two years has been a roller coaster of emotions. Ari was constantly testing my patience at each moment. She still does. It has been a journey I will remember for some time. She would throw her head against whatever was before her, roll on the floor scream like a possessed little person all while kicking me mercilessly for trying to hold her. During these moments I would remind myself that I got this, I am enough and it’s a phase and it too shall pass.

I have walked out of stores carrying her like a rugby ball tucked under my arm while she screamed and scratched me. Two years has been a lot, but it’s also when Ari learnt to say, “I love you, mommy, you’re the best mommy”, this is the age where she made it her mission to be a helpful little fairy whenever I was busy, and when she started giving me random hugs and sloppy adorable kisses.

I am happy she is about to enter into the three-year-old phase but I am glad we had these past experiences. She taught me the most important and vital lessons about myself and life as well. I am stronger than I thought, tougher and I possess way more patience than I thought I had. I can never imagine our lives without her, she is the best gift ever.

Life is much more exciting and magical through the eyes and adventures of a toddler. Hubby and I are enjoying watching our little girl grow into this independent, little person. The personality and character she is developing make me beam with pride.

So to the “threenager” phase, we are ready for you!

Love Ari'sMomie...